Cleanse. Tone. Tighten. Naturally

Cleanse. Tone. Tighten. Naturally

Your Yoni Retreat provides organic natural blends that provide numerous benefits, such as cleansing, regulating menstruation, POSTPARTUM, infertility, improving your sexual health, PMS, fibroids, emotional, hormonal, and spiritual imbalances, and delivering an overall RELAXING experience.

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A glimpse of “The Experience”

Upon your arrival you will be embraced by a soft, welcoming aroma. If you haven’t already, you will have an opportunity to select additional services (i.e. herbal foot soak, womb stimulation, time in the meditation room, etc.). You’ll then enter “The Retreat” where you receive your Yoni Steam, deep relaxation, and selected add-ons! After your yoni steam, feel free to spend some time in TJ’s Closet browsing the latest in fashion.

To ensure your health and refreshment we offer the complimentary “Yoni Elixir”, fresh fruit, and herbal teas.


Add-Ons You Might Want To Try With your Yoni Steam

Womb Stimulation
Lower abdominal stimulation that improves blood circulation and awakens your vital organs to enhance their functionality. This Includes a clay wrap detox designed to relieve IBS and abdominal pain. This treatment supports toning, slimming and detoxifying your lower abdominal and pelvic area. We'll complete with hot stones for ultimate relaxing.

Herbal Foot Soak
Your feet will be immersed in hot water that has been infused with essential oils, organic herbs, salts, and beautiful flowers.

Ionic Foot Detox
A holistic method of eliminating harmful toxins, heavy metals and other harmful foreign matters from the feet. Enjoy this service by relaxing in warm water and mineral sea salts. The body will re-energize itself by eliminating toxins from the kidneys, bowels, skin, liver, and lymphatic system. This process will continue to detoxify your body for 48 hours after the service.
* After you'll receive an herbal foot soak in organic salts to ensure the good bacteria is restored. 

Shoulder Buddy

Fruit Platter 

Charcuterie Board

Our Add-on services can also be booked individually!

NOTE: Do not steam if you are pregnant, have full menstrual flow, or if you’re having any form of acute outbreak or infection, or have open wounds at the perineum site.

* No steaming with an active yeast infection 72 hours after treatment and no symptoms.

Our practitioners are not physicians, obstetricians, or gynecologists and do not claim to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any condition, or disease. In which case you may wish to consult your doctor.