Our Focus

Our Focus

The primary focus at Your Yoni Retreat is women’s reproductive health, womb wellness, and holistic awareness. We provide specialty care to women, specifically herbal vaginal steams, womb stimulation, ionic foot detox, herbal foot soaks, meditation, and a unique boutique shopping experience. We provide action orientation to mind/body wellness and self-empowerment.

The Person behind our holistic practice

Tonya Said, founder and co-owner of Your Yoni Retreat, is a 20-year entrepreneurial spirited business executive, who’s passion and focus are leading women to GREATNESS.

Tonya believes that one of the keys to GREATNESS for women, is reproductive health maintenance, hormonal balance, positive psychological stimulation, and continuously creating a stronger life path by cultivating mental and emotional strength. Your Yoni Retreat is fulfilling a life dream of bringing women together in sisterhood, friendship, and collaboration, tackling all topics women and life. At Your Yoni Retreat, you will get "THE EXPERIENCE" of understanding you are never alone, have a companion traveler in your Walk of a Woman, while sensually unraveling your mind unto self during steam and meditation.

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Tonya was introduced to yoni steaming on accident

As she was struggling with a heartbreak, she was searching online for self-care healing methods and ‘V-Steaming’ populated in the search. The description stated something close to “steaming your ex away”, that was Tonya’s key in. After doing some research about vaginal steaming and some of the holistic benefits, Tonya booked her session right away. Tonya traveled an hour and half for this self-care, healing experience, and upon arrival she immediately felt connected to the space and the individual performing the yoni steam. The young lady began talking about removing negative, unwanted energies and people from your sacred space. Tonya repeated a few affirmations provided by the young lady, was given herbal tea, and allowed time to steam and connect with self. THIS WAS IT FOR HER.

Tonya frequented this location, though an hour and a half away monthly for the experience for about two years, and one day the location was no longer in business. Tonya then decided to search V-steaming near me – oh la la – there was a location within the city. Tonya booked her appointment, and the rest is her story. To say the least, this became one of Tonya’s regular self-care activities and she’s introduced many of her girlfriends and family members to yoni steaming. Tonya has experienced many benefits from steaming from reducing heavy menstrual flow, to shrinking fibroids, detoxing the vaginal and experiencing enhanced sexual health, just to mention a few.

Tonya Said - Certified Wellness Practitioner and Life Coach

This is her WHY for creating a safe sacred space for WOMEN to RETREAT as little, or as much as they desire. It was not just the steaming for her, it was the overall EXPERIENCE and path to a LIBERATING LIFE.