Goddess Steam Membership

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From: $129.99 / month

Each session will start with visiting the Palace of Peace for five to ten minute meditation. You then go into “The Retreat” to receive your Yoni Steam. You will receive fresh fruit, your choice of herbal tea, and infused fruit water.

*Monthly membership will receive one specialty service (i.e. herbal foot soak or womb stimulation)


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4 reviews for Goddess Steam Membership

  1. Val Frier

    My very first visit made a difference and now I am a member for life.

  2. Kira Chu

    I am a monthly client and I have witnessed amazing holistic results.

  3. Jazmine Smitt

    This is my weekly sanctuary, I’ve been able to reclaim my peace of mind while understanding that connecting with my womb was important.

  4. Zura Luu

    I love this new weekly check-in.

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