Goddess Steam

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This blend is recommended for first-timers or those wanting the CLEANSE. TONE. TIGHTEN. This organic gentle herbal blend provides womb health, rejuvenation, cleansing, and a detox. Enjoy a cup of hot or cold organic herbal tea and/or our infused distilled water. If you arrive 10 minutes before your appointment, you can visit the Palace of Peace Room for a five to ten minute meditation.


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8 reviews for Goddess Steam

  1. Deborah Moseley

    Went to Your Yoni Retreat for a little me time. Tonya was very understanding, created a soft, quiet space, and allowed me to zone out. Loved the steam, meditation room, and the tea was sensual.

  2. Vera Williams

    Your Yoni Retreat is THE EASY BUTTON. When you enter, you are greeted with warm mood lighting, aromatherapy that penetrates your senses, and a unique sheek spa vibe. The staff was very welcoming, knowledgable, and service oriented. Had a relaxing time. Will go back.

  3. Carine Rice

    The steam it was very warm and relaxing.

  4. Tina Meer

    My day was stressful and I thank my husband for finding this place. The meditation was needed, the yoni steam was unexpectedly AMAZING, and the vibe everything I needed to restart my day.

  5. Zarina Moore

    What an amazing experience I had just relaxing and connecting.

  6. Sarah Johnson

    OMG Amazing!!! I opened the door not knowing what to expect. The first thing that hits you is the fragrant smell. I sat down to complete my intake form and what did I find? A boutique in the spa! Dresses, hot tops, shawls, and all the hit girl stuff I needed. The boutique and shopping aside (snuck out n some bath salts, Yoni soaps, and I sense – yea. A few bracelets too!), the Steam was relaxing, renewing, and I was ready to get back at it. Bringing my girls next time.

  7. pwsadmin (verified owner)

    Such an amazing spa experience and I got my birthday outfit too.

  8. Jasmine (verified owner)

    The Yoni Steam was a special treat. I can’t wait to go back. Thank you Tania and team

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