Double Down Goddess

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Come bond with your mini goddess(s) (in other words bring your mini best friend in for a bonding session with you)
This is special bonding and healing time between Mothers and Daughters. Affirm each other (we can help with this), discuss the importance of womb health (menstrual cycle, PMS, cramping) – (we can help with this), unite, share something intimate with each other, and grow in POWER together!

Goddess it’s imperative we spend quality time with our young goddess (s) for laughs, love, and vibrancy in life.

Both goddesses will receive an organic herbal goddess steam unless MOMMY upgrades to a goddess custom steam. We’ll start with a 5-minute meditation in the Palace of Peace (NOT REQUIRED), enjoy fresh fruit, a hot/cold organic herbal tea, and/or our specialty detox distilled water.

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