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15 Minutes in the Palace of Peace (Self Guided)

From: $20.00

Allow yourself the opportunity to pause. relax. reset. with a self guided meditation.

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20 Minutes in the Meditation Space (Self Guided)

From: $40.00

Give yourself the chance to pause, relax and reset through a guided meditation.

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Herbal Foot Soak

From: $45.00

Your feet will be immersed in hot water that has been infused with essential oils, organic herbs, salts, and beautiful flowers.

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Ionic Foot Detox

From: $95.00

A holistic method of eliminating harmful toxins, heavy metals and other harmful foreign matters from the feet. Enjoy this service by relaxing in warm water and mineral sea salts. The…

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Womb Stimulation

From: $65.00

Restoring harmony and balance in the reproductive, digestive, and sacral areas while reconnecting to your innate body wisdom. Womb stimulation is beneficial for EVERY woman.

Womb stimulation is a gentle, non invasive yet deeply moving therapy that works to bring the organs in the pelvic and abdominal areas into alignment, releasing pressure and strengthening the surrounding muscles and ligaments.

The womb stimulation is deeply beneficial for: Emotional well-being is important for preparing to conceive a baby. Bringing everything back to its natural state within the pelvic and promoting healthy hormone flow. Relieving stress arising from the digestive tract and stomach, encouraging healthy flow and elimination. Prepares the body for conception and pregnancy – both natural and assisted pathways. The overall female health system, especially in balancing and regulating the cycle and easing menstrual difficulties.

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